Chair Components specifications

Product Type

Chair Components
Assembled Chair
EOM Office Chair
EOM Gaming Chair
EOM Chair Parts
Other Product Type

Chair Wheel Caster Models

Chair Casters - Chair Wheels Materials
Office Chair Caster
Nylon + GF Chair Caster
Nylon + GF + PU Chair Caster
Nylon + GF + PU + Stainless Chair Caster
Nylon Chair Casters
PU Chair Casters
Silicone Chair Casters
Rubber Chair Casters Plastic Chair Casters
Coated Chair Casters
Chair Caster Wheels – Twinstar
Roller Blade Style Chair Caster Wheels
Ball Chair Caster Wheels (Customizable)
Large Black Chair Wheels
Large Chrome Chair Caster Wheels
Almond Grey Chair Caster
ESD Chair Caster Wheels
Prevent Static Chair Caster Wheels
Industrial Chair Caster Wheels
Other Chair Casters - Chair Wheel Models

Chair Arm Models

Chair Sliding Arm
Chair Swivel Arm
Chair Arms Model Office Chair Armrests
Adjustable Chair Armrests
Fixed Chair Armrests
Chair Armrest Function
Lifting Armrest - Up & Down
Rotating Armrest - Inward & Outward
Sliding Armrest - Forward & Backward
Sliding Armrest - Left & Right
Other Kinds of Chair Arms

Office Chair Base Models

Chair Base
Nylon Chair Base
Nylon + Glass Fiber Chair Base
Aluminium Chair Base
Aluminium Chair Base - Anodized
Metal Chair Base - Black
Metal Chair Base - Chrome
Other Chair Base Models

Chair Back Model

Fixed Chair Backrest
Adjustable Chair Backrest
Other Chair Back Models

Chair Tilt Mechanisms Categories

Office Chair Tilt Mechanisms
Swivel Tilt Mechanism
Synchro-Tilt Mechanism
Knee Tilt Mechanism
Multifunction Tilt Mechanism
Fixed Mechanism
Sliding Mechanism
Mechanism 2 Functions
Mechanism 3 Functions
Mechanism 4 Functions
Back System Mechanism
Other Mechanisms Categories

Chair Cylinders - Piston

Type Chair Gas Cylinders
Welding Gas Cylinders
Curling Gas Cylinder
Double Cone Gas Cylinder
Customized Gas Cylinder
Chair Pneumatic Cylinders
Single Piston Chair
Chair Hydraulic Piston
Other Kind of hair Cylinders

Arm Support Type

Plastic Armrest
PU Armrest
Armrest in Fabric
Metal Armrest
Other Types of Arm Support

Kind of Chair Parts

Chair Column
Chair bellows
Chair Flange
Chair Foam
Fabric for Chairs
Chair Chassis
Back Chassis
Seat Chassis
Chair Structure
Chair Kits
Cup Telescope
Pyramid Telescope
Other Types of Chair Parts